Innovative Air Loyalty Plans

Three NEW, loyalty programs


We are proud to offer three new customer loyalty maintenance plans that will suit any budget.


  •  All HVAC companies offer service plans.
  • Our plans are a bit advanced. 
  • No baiting games to raise the cost of someones wages.
  • True and clear service.
  • Integrity driven.

Three loyalty plans with real benefits.

Why Maintenance?


Maintaining your heating and air conditioning system is just as important as changing your cars oil, let us handle it. 

  • Our HVAC maintenance will produce....
  • Electrical consumption savings.
  • Increase in equipment reliability.
  • Equipment Condition report.
  • Peace of mind....

Why a Loyalty Plan?


Q:  Besides the mechanical benefits, what do these plans have?

  • Priority service,
  • Discounted repairs,
  • Specific HVAC parts coverage,
  • Advanced HVAC part coverage,
  • Loyalty relationship

Call us to get started or for questions about the services offered in each of these plans.

The Basic Plan


The Basic plan is a one time visit, clean and tune up your HVAC system and get it ready to beat the Arizona demands. 

  • Lower yearly electrical bills
  • Early warning on condition.
  • Yearly repair discounts.

The Elite Plan


The Elite plan offers all the benefits of the basic plan with select covered parts. A covered part breaks while a loyalty member and the replacement is free.

The Ultimate Plan


The Ultimate plan, it is the ultimate. All the features of the other plans with the exception of major operating parts. Blower motor goes out on a hot day, we get there and replace it under the ultimate plan for no charge.