Elite Service Plan


Elite Service Plan

The elite plan covers your annual maintenance

with some extras for piece of mind during seasonal peak months. 

The elite plan offers big discounts and has specific covered components.  

The parts we cover have an average replacement cost of $225-$385. Under this plan if one of those parts fail, the plan covers one of those parts plus you get your annual maintenance.

Elite plan saves money during times that matter most.

Annual visit

-Cooling/Heat Pump-

  • Condenser coil washing.
  • Capacitor test.
  • Blower & condenser fan test.
  • Voltage and amperage test.
  • Drain line test.
  • Refrigerant test.

-Gas Heating Service-

  • Gas pressure adjustment.
  • Igniter test.
  • Inducer test.
  • Carbon monoxide test.
  • Burner assembly cleaning.
  • Blower test.
  • Safety sensor tests.

Additional Features

  • 40% Discount during maintenance.
  • 30% Discount during emergency visits
  • Service call fee waived on repairs.
  • Priority response (24 hours)

Elite Covered Parts

  • One instance per year
  • Standard capacitors.
  • Standard contactors.
  • Standard switching relays.
  • Universal igniter.
  • Universal flame sensor.
  • Disconnect box fuses.
  • Disconnect box replacement
  •  System transformer.

$375 per year

  • $375 per year.
  • No subscription required.