Ultimate Service Plan


Ultimate Service Plan

The ultimate service plan covers the same parts as the Elite plan with a few extras.

Without additional fees,  we will service your system in the summer and the winter as

 well as replace certain key components at no additional charge when needed.

 The parts we cover could cost between $425-$880. With the ultimate plan, that won’t be the case.

  Bi-annual visit 

-Cooling/Heat Pump-

  • Condenser coil washing.
  • Capacitor test.
  • Blower & condenser fan test.
  • Voltage and amperage test.
  • Drain line test.
  • Refrigerant test.

-Gas Heating Service-

  • Gas pressure adjustment.
  • Igniter test.
  • Inducer test.
  • Carbon monoxide test.
  • Burner assembly cleaning.
  • Blower test.
  • Safety sensor tests.

Parts covered

  • One instance per year
  • Standard capacitors.
  • Standard contactors.
  • Standard switching relays.
  • Universal igniter.
  • Universal flame sensor.
  • Disconnect box fuses.
  • Disconnect box replacement
  • System transformer

  • Additional:
  • One instance per year.
  • Blower motor.
  • Condenser fan motor.
  • Inducer fan motor.
  • Variable speed excluded.
  • Refrigerant top off up to 3 lbs r-410a.
  • Nest thermostat.

$600 per year

  • $600 per year.  
  • No subscription required. 
  • No service call fees.