Nest thermostat Common Wire

Does a Nest Thermostat need a common wire?

A nest thermostat sure does need a common wire.Google Nest says in Most cases you do not need a common wire  but, in our many years of experience with installing nest thermostats, a Nest thermostat does need one.

Innovative Air Nest Pro highly recommends having a common wire installed along side of your new google nest thermostat installation. Many installing companies will say you do not need a common wire just to get in your door. Yet, they charge in excess of $125 just to install during their $99 plus tax installation.

We on the other hand, RECOMMEND you get a common wire activated regardless. The option is all yours but, again, we highly recommend having a common wire installed during your nest installation.

Reasons companies say you don't need a common wire:

  • -They are trying to perform an installation and do less work.
  • -They are wanting to get into your home in an inexpensive fashion to up-sell you later when you end up needing a common wire activated on your nest thermostat.
  • -They want to pull the " You need one, its an extra $125.
  • -They'll claim you don't need a common wire because nest says its not required.
  • -They are just inexperienced with the nest thermostat.

Reasons you need a common wire:

  • -Stability of operation.(wifi issues, power level, responsiveness)
  • -Consistent availability of power flowing through the nest.
  • -To prevent system short cycling while heating or cooling.
  • -To prevent AC or heating from not starting from instability.

Does your car run better with higher octane gas? 

Well, the nest works best with full power availability!!! Hands down!!

The nest thermostat is a really awesome device, the absolute best thermostat on the market. Nest has competition, not mentioning any names but, those others state you need a common wire to use. Some even come with a battery option. No matter, they are still sub-par thermostats compared to the nest thermostat.

Nest tech is smart and intricate, some HVAC equipment out there has issues with higher amperage draws and power demands in regard to low voltage. Which the low voltage runs though your thermostat.  Thus posing a possible issue.

We have installed 1000's upon 1000's of nest thermostats. 95% of those thermostats needed a common wire during install or soon after. Many homes even have pre-existing common wires activated this is a plus. We naturally started to activate a common wire during nest thermostat installations, thus avoiding you as the customer having to call us back down the road or spending 3 hours on the phone with Nest support.

Problem these days: Competitors will not install common wires during installations because all they want is your money, not a long term relationship. Many competitors are jumping on the google bandwagon and not being exclusive, they see google nest's competition ( Ring, ecobee, honeywell, etc) as another means to make money while the items are "hot". They really don't care if you call them again and they WILL charge you for a revisit, not to mention the head aches you'll have with an inoperable HVAC system.

Innovative Air, Nest pro is exclusive to NEST. Why? Because its the best product out there. When installed properly, it lasts a really long time!!!!

Call around and see who's cheaper, you will not find cheaper!! Innovative has been Nesting since Nest came out, we know our competitors pricing and we know the experience they have. They cannot compete with us on any level! Most of our thermostat installations are $85 flat rate. We do however charge an additional $50 for a common wire to be activated.

We also work out a package deal for multiple thermostats being installed or other items being performed/installed. We are fair, honest and upfront an flexible!! Most of all, we are experienced and nest thermostat pros. Don't fall for the gimmicks of those other providers, hire true professionals who know the product!

Always get a common wire during installation of a nest thermostat!! nest thermostat common wire C wire

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We are more than Nest Pros, we are HVAC professionals. We know the Nest thermostats!!! Don't waste time with unlicensed companies who send inexperienced part timers to your home to work on your thousand dollar HVAC systems, use professionals like US.

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